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How to add images to templates

i would like to know if we can add images??
can i paste a ms word document in this template which has tables/images?


Sure, adding images is possible, please see the DocumentBuilder.InsertImage method. Regarding pasting a MS Word document, could you give more detailed explanation for what do you need to achieve?

we are trying to build a website where customers need to be provided an editor like MS Word where they create templates which would also contain graphics.
or the other scenario would be where the customers can also copy the information they have on their word templates which were off line into this editor and save the files. That was the reason i was trying to research on this tool to know if we can design templates online to include images or not??

Aspose.Word has no visual or editing features at the moment although we plan to implement it in the future. It allows dynamical generating of the documents, performing mail merge, extracting various parts of the documents and so on. You can add images to the documents programmatically as well as tables, bookmarks, form fields etc. So if this suits you, please visit our download page where you can obtain evaluation version of the component and try it for free.

Thank you for interest in Aspose.