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How to add licence file to my VS solution?

How to add licence file to my VS solution?
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Hi Suraj,

Many thanks for your inquiry. Could you please update us about which Aspose API you are interested in, so that we can point you to the correct documentation link?



Thanks for your posting and using Aspose.Cells.

You can set license using two lines of code. Suppose your license file name is abc.lic and you have placed it in c:\myfolder then the full path to your license file will be c:\myfolder\abc.lic

Now you will write the following code to set the license.


Aspose.Cells.License lic = new Aspose.Cells.License();


And that's all.

Please note, license file has .lic extension. It is plain xml file. If you open your license file in notepad, you will see plain xml.

You can also embed your license as embedded resource. Please see the image in the following documentation article that explains how to embed your license. The image shows Aspose.Words license, but you can apply the same thing with Aspose.Cells or any other Aspose API license.

To embed the license you will have set the Build Action property of the license as "Embedded Resource"

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For more information on Licensing, please see the following documentation article.

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