How to add new signature field to an existing PDF page

We have an existing PDF that we want to add a signature box/field to at a specific location on a specific page. Is this feature available?

NOTE: We do not want to sign the signature box but simply place it for a future signature.


Aspose.PDF for .NET allows you to add signature fields to an existing PDF document at specific locations on specific pages. These signature fields can serve as placeholders for future signatures, and you can customize their appearance and properties as needed.

Here’s a basic example of how to add a signature field to an existing PDF using Aspose.PDF for .NET:

Document doc = new Document("input.pdf");
SignatureField field = new SignatureField(doc.Pages[1], new Rectangle(10, 800, 100, 700));
field.PartialName = "MySignField";
field.Border = new Border(field);
field.Contents = "Signature Field for John Doe";
field.Border.Width = 5;
doc.Save(dataDir + "SignatureField_out.pdf");

Perfecto! Thank you