How to Apply Dash Type for a Line Chart Using Aspose.Slides for Java?

Hi Team,

Please help us with the sample java code to create a line chart in slide with different dash Type.AsposeSlide_DashType.jpg (158.2 KB)

Please find the attached output expected

we are using Aspose slides 18.6

com.aspose aspose-slides 18.6 jdk16

Thank you for contacting support. To change the line dash type of a Line chart, you need using a line format of a chart data series. The following code snippet shows you how to do this:

// Set the dash style for the first line of a Line chart.
var firstSeries = lineChart.getChartData().getSeries().get_Item(0);

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API Reference: IChartSeries interface | ILineFormat interface | LineDashStyle class