How to apply styles to cell


i exported grid to word from my application how apply style to a paticular cell.

when applied to a paticular cell its getting effected to whole table how can i apply to paticular cell


It depends of what you mean by applying styles to a cell.

If you are speaking of MS Word styles, there are actually four types of them. Only two (character and paragraph) types of styles are supported in Aspose.Words now. Other two (table and list) are not supported yet.

To apply character styles use Run.Font.StyleName.

To apply paragraph styles use Paragraph.ParagraphFormat.StyleName.

Styles can be applied immediately to already existing runs and paragraphs.

Or you can use DocumentBuilder.Font and DocumentBuilder.ParagraphFormat to apply styles to runs and paragraphs created with DocumentBuilder.


i have one more doubt, how to keep tool tip to table cell in word,

style means setting backcolour,forecolour etc in cell format i did not found these options

mohan P


I don't see tool tip among cell properties in MS Word. How it can be set in MS Word?

For backcolor, forecolor see CellFormat.Shading property.