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How to backup emails from Office 365 Online archive (C# .NET)

We are developing an application for taking backup of emails from Office 365. The client has created a rule to create an online archive of emails for messages older than 180 days.

When we login to office 365 we are able to see all folders but not the online archive folder. We are using Aspose Email for .net latest trial version.18.1

I want to know if this is possible to show online archive folder using your DLL? If yes please share the .net code for the same.

MWSnap003 2018-04-10, 18_06_04.png (4.2 KB)

MWSnap002 2018-04-10, 17_56_21.png (51.8 KB)

thank you very much for your support.


Could you please share such a test account and its credentials with us that has this Archive folder? This will help us look into the possibility of such functionality.


You may try following sample code as it reads the Archive folder in my test account. The list “folders” contains all folders including the “Archive” folder. If your requirement is not fulfilled, please share the test account credentials.

IEWSClient client1 = EWSClient.GetEWSClient("", "user", "password", "");
var folders = client1.ListSubFolders(client1.MailboxInfo.RootUri);

Thank you very much for your fast reply. let me check and come back to you.


You are welcome.