How to check version number


I dont remember what the version of Aspose.PDF Im using it, so I brought up the .dll in ILDASM and at the bottom is displayed
.assembly Aspose.Pdf
.ver 1:3:8:0
Is this number always the same as the version number you publish for your components on your web pages? (and if its true, is it true for all your components, not just PDF?) In other words, if your web site says the current version is 1.3.9, and I run ILDASM on the last version I downloaded and see that its 1:3:8, can I correctly assume Im behind by 0:0:1 version?

Thanks, Mark


Dear Mark,

You can use ILDASM to see the version number of all Aspose products. For example, use ILDASM to open the latest Aspose.Pdf.dll, you will find
.assembly Aspose.Pdf

.ver 1:4:5:0

It indicates the version number is

This is the version number we’re mentioning at Hot Fixes for Release 1.4 and the Downloads page.

However, there are some other quite more straightforward ways to get the version number.

1. In Visual Studio .Net, click Reference in your project, slelect the assembly you’re using, for example, Aspose.Pdf, you can find the version number in the Properties window at the left, right corner. This is the most recommended way to check the version number you’re using. If our technical support asks you the version number you’re using, please use this method.

2. If you’re using Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP, just select the assembly file, for example, Aspose.Pdf.dll, at the status bar at the bottom in your Windows Explorer, you can see it’s version number.

3. If you’re using Windows 2000, right click the aseembly file , for example, Aspose.Pdf.dll, you can see it’s version number at the Version tab.