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How to CloneSlide in another presentation without master slide

you have two method
this is with master slide.

if you don’t want to copy with master, you should use
but you can’t specific target. The result is you can’t clone slide to new presentation.

how to clone, and without master slide

Dear Adam,

The second cloneslide is for cloning slides inside one presentation and the first one is for cloning to another presentation.
Really, it’s not possible to copy slides without master now. Why you need it?
You can copy slide with master and after that change Slide.MasterId.
But I’d not suggest to do it because in some cases MS PowerPoint will not open such ppt file.

you know my job is merge 10 presentations. each presentation have only one slide and the same master slide, if you merge them, you will have 10 same master slides. it is useless and will enlarge the file size.
and sometimes i should add another slide in the certain position( that i should calculate the position). I wonder how to calculate the position with these master slides.

Dear Adam,

MainMaster record usually only 500-1000 bytes (without images of course but images must be copied only once for the same masters) so I think it’s not so important.

Also I can offer little trick. You can open another copy of source and target ppt file, create SortedList parameter and clone slide. After that if you will use this SortedList for original files then cloneslide function will skip masters.
But I should tell you again, I’d not suggest to do such things.