How to control the document ruler?

Hi,I think to control a word document ruler by aspose.word.
Please tell me . Thank you.


Thanks for your request. I suppose you need to change page margins. If so, please see the following link to learn how to achieve this:
Best regards.

Thanks, alexey.noskov.
I want to copy ruler of the other document to a new document.
For example:

Document srcDoc = new Document(srcFilePath);
Document newDoc = new Docment();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(newDoc);

builder.PageSetup… = srcDoc…
I don’t know how to do it.
Thank you.


Thanks for your inquiry. You can use code like the following to achieve this:

// Open the source document.
Document src = new Document(@"in.doc");
// Open/create the destination document.
Document dst = new Document();
// Get PageSetup of the first sections of the both documents.
PageSetup srcPs = src.FirstSection.PageSetup;
PageSetup dstPs = dst.FirstSection.PageSetup;
// Import page setup from the source document into the destination.
dstPs.LeftMargin = srcPs.LeftMargin;
dstPs.RightMargin = srcPs.RightMargin;
dstPs.TopMargin = srcPs.TopMargin;
dstPs.BottomMargin = srcPs.BottomMargin;
// etc..............

Hope this helps.
Best regards.