How to Convert an Excel Sheet to an Image Using Dot Net 8 AWS Lambda

I am using a trial version of the Aspose.Cells library for the below functionality.

Convert an Excel sheet to an image using DOT NET 8 AWS Lambda.
I am using this library


When I deploy the lambda and execute it, I am getting the below error.

System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load shared library ‘libSkiaSharp’ or one of its
SkiaSharp.NativeAssets.Linux dependencies. In order to help diagnose loading problems, consider using a tool like Strace. If you’re using glibc, consider setting the LD_DEBUG environment variable.

To resolve this, I installed the below packages, but the same error persisted.


The issue might not be related to Aspose.Cells. Could you please read and try the solution(s) @.