How to convert ColorSpace of whole PDF (including images) to CMYK

Hello everyone,

I’m trying with this code (My company buy Aspose.Pdf license):

But it doesn’t convert all of pdf objects to CMYK. So I would like to ask, how can I do this with Aspose.Pdf? Is this possible?


Thanks for contacting support.

Would you please share sample input/output document(s) with us and highlight the differences? We will test the scenario in our environment and log an issue, if necessary.

Hi Asad,

I have to ask my boss before I share the input/output documents for you.

But I can show you that the some of objects (like Images) is not convert to CMYK. I show you the result file (I’m using Adobe Acrobat to check)

output.png (70.4 KB)

I hope you can help me!


Thanks for writing back.

Please note that, not all the objects in the PDF document may have same colorspace (e.g Text can be CMYK, Images can be RGB). However, we have already logged a new feature request as PDFNET-36165, to provide support of converting RGB image to CMYK during PDF generation. As soon as the feature is available, we will let you know.

Furthermore, please note that I have marked this thread as private and now files, shared within this thread, will only be accessible by Aspose Staff. We will really appreciate if you can please share your input/output documents along with the steps of checking colorspace in Adobe Reader. We will test the scenario in our environment and log an investigation ticket, if necessary.

Thank you for your helping.

My project starts in this week, so I hope this feature can works well and we can apply for future projects.
I have to decide which library for our case in this week, and I have one.

Thank again!


We always strive to implement the required features as quickly as possible but since the development team is always working on scheduled features and bugs already reported, so currently we cannot confirm the time lines by which above requested feature will be implemented. However the team will start investigating this request as per their schedule and as soon as we have some definite updates, we will let you know.

Please be patient and spare us little time.