How to convert encrypted Outlook email MSG to PDF

I am using the following code snippet to convert an MSG file to PDF.
This works for regular Outlook emails but not for encrypted.
Is there anything I can do to perform conversion of the encrypted email messages?

Outlook Encryption Option.png (11.6 KB)
Result PDF Content.png (34.1 KB)

   public class EmailToPdfConverter : IDocumentConverter
        private readonly byte[] sourceFileBytes;

        public EmailToPdfConverter(byte[] sourceFileBytes)
            this.sourceFileBytes = sourceFileBytes;

        public byte[] Convert()
            var sourceStream = new MemoryStream(sourceFileBytes);
            var mailMessage = MailMessage.Load(sourceStream);

            var mailStream = new MemoryStream();
            mailMessage.Save(mailStream, MailMessageSaveType.MHtmlFromat);

            var loadOptions = new LoadOptions { LoadFormat = LoadFormat.Mhtml };
            var wordDocument = new Document(mailStream, loadOptions);

            var targetStream = new MemoryStream();
            wordDocument.Save(targetStream, SaveFormat.Pdf);

            return targetStream.ToArray();


I am moving this thread to Aspose.Email forum where our respective support team will assist you further in this regard.

Thank you for your request. In your case, you should decrypt the mail messages before converting them to PDF files as below:

var privateCertificateFile = "<path_to_private_certificate_file>";
var privateCertificate = new X509Certificate2(privateCertificateFile, "<password>");

// Decrypt the mail message after loading

More details: Utility Features - MailMessage
API Reference: MailMessage Class