How to copy word style to excel style


I have multiple docx files and I have a requirement to put each docx content with style into column. Like If you copy word content and paste into excel but I want to do programmatically.

I’m able to put the plain text into excel, but style I’m not able to as the style objects are different in aspose word and cells.

I saw there is some utility to convert word to excel, but it is not downloadable. Could you please grant me access to the conversion utility? Could you guide me how to copy word style to excel.?



Thanks for your query.

Please find the utility (Doc2XLS) attached to try it for your requirements. (4.7 KB) (4.4 KB)

Please note that Word and Excel file formats are quite different (both has diverse architectures) so it’s always hard to achieve 100% fidelity and precision. We also suggest you please convert Word document to PDF first. Once you have converted document to PDF, you can use Aspose.PDF to convert PDF to Excel file format. Please read the document for your reference
Hope, this helps a bit.


Thank you sir.



You are welcome.