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How to Create a AnimationClip from MorphTargetDeformer

Hi, Im trying to create an AnimationClip from MorphTargetDeform, but i failed.

my goal is:
1- create a scene;
2- load a 3d model (source model) (eg.: *.stl, *.glb, etc…)
3- load a second 3d model (target deform)
4- create an animation of 5s with this Deform… source model to target model.
5- save result as fbx file…

Any Help?


Are you trying to achieve it in Java or .NET?

Im using .Net C#


We are checking the related information at our end and will get back to you shortly.


It might not work if the index mapping between two files are not compatible. Do you have these kind of files? If yes, then please share with us in .zip format so that we can further investigate the scenario and share our feedback with you.