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How to create a DICOM study with multiple images

I want to create a DICOM study with a single series and include multiple jpgs into the series.I’m new to the DICOM world and the terminology is still somewhat foreign to me so if i am not asking correctly i apologize. these jpgs will be pages from a pdf and i will want to label them as secondary access captures so i dont think there will be a modality. furthermore i dont want to embed/encapsulate a pdf because that requires an external viewer.


Please visit this documentation section link for features supported using DICOM in Aspose.Imaging. If you may still need further assistance in this regard then please share the source and desired output file that you want to create using API. (4.5 MB)


I have observed the Zip file shared by you. It contains 32 files insides it. However, as requested earlier, please provide both source and desired output files that you want to create using API. I also suggest you to please visit this documentation section for available options.