How to create a subfolder under the default Inbox

I may be stupid, or just blind… Or both, most likely. But somehow I fail to see how I can specify which folder I want to specify as the root for CreateFolder.

What am I overlooking? Thanks for any tips…

ps: I am using the latest version of Aspose (file version, product version 2015.12.31.

Hi Amanuyl,

Thank you for writing to Aspose support team.

You may use following sample code which creates sub-folder under the default Inbox. Please give it a try and let us know the feedback.

static void Test()
    //How to create a subfolder under the default Inbox
    ImapClient imap = GetImapClient();
    //Create a subfolder "TestFolderInbox4" under default folder Inbox
    //List all the folders under Inbox. It should have TestFolderInbox4 as well
    ImapFolderInfoCollection collFolder = imap.ListFolders("Inbox", true);
    //Select the newly created folder
    //Retrieve messages in TestFolderInInbox4. It should return 0 messages
    ImapMessageInfoCollection coll = imap.ListMessages();

static public ImapClient GetImapClient()
    Aspose.Email.Imap.ImapClient imap = new Aspose.Email.Imap.ImapClient("", 993, "", "password");
    imap.SecurityOptions = SecurityOptions.Auto;
    return imap;