How to determine if a text box is full?

The scenario: in a highly dynamic application, I add paragraphs to a TextHolder (i.e. the Body of a slide). The customer can customize the design, so I don't know the format at design time, but usually the paragraphs in the TextHolder are bulleted.
In some cases, just a few (say 3) paragraphs are added, but in other cases maybe 100 need to be added. And that does not fit, of course, and the little tweaks that "FitShapeToText = true", or "FitTextToShape()" offer will not suffice, as there may be really many paragraphs that need to be output. So, if the TextHolder is full, I want to add another slide, and continue the process on the new slide.

How do I determine if the box is full? This depends of course on the slide design (box size, font, line spacing etc.), but there should be something already in the API? Or, how does FitTextToShape() work?

Thanks in advance for any tips!


Dear Alex,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Slides.

Please see this thread.