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How to disable text selection and copying in converted swf file

I used .net word to convert docx to swf file, what i want is to disable selection, copying and printing in the swf file, is there a way to do that?


I just found out we can just use the following code to get rid of the text selection command button at the top panel in the swf viewer:

SwfTopPaneControlFlags topPanelFlag = SwfTopPaneControlFlags.ShowAll ^ SwfTopPaneControlFlags.ShowTextSelectionMode;

But there still exist one entry in the right click context menu that could just enable selection mode again, how to avoid that?

Hi Who,

Thanks for your inquiry. It is great you were able to find what you were looking for. Please let us know any time you have any further queries.

Secondly, please try executing the following code and see if it helps:

// Create an instance of SwfSaveOptions and set some buttons as hidden.
SwfSaveOptions options = new SwfSaveOptions();
// Hide all the buttons with the exception of the page control buttons. Similar flags can be used for the left control pane as well.
options.TopPaneControlFlags = SwfTopPaneControlFlags.HideAll | SwfTopPaneControlFlags.ShowActualSize |
SwfTopPaneControlFlags.ShowFitToWidth | SwfTopPaneControlFlags.ShowFitToHeight |
SwfTopPaneControlFlags.ShowZoomIn | SwfTopPaneControlFlags.ShowZoomOut;
// You can also choose to show or hide the main elements of the viewer. Hide the search control.
options.ShowSearch = false;

Best regards,