How to export a PDF into webp images?

I am using Aspose Total Java, now we need to convert PDF file into webp image files, each page of pdf should have a screenshot as webp image.

Problem is, there is PngDevice, JpegDevice, TiffDevice, but there is no “WebpDevice”.

So how should I do?

I have read following links, but they don’t help.

Of course, it is possible to convert PDF into PNG, then PNG into WebP, just like this link

However, is there any better way?


Aspose.PDF does not offer direct conversion feature for PDF to WEBP images. Since you have Aspose.Total package, you can use Aspose.PDF for Java to convert PDF to PNG and then PNG to WEBP using Aspose.Imaging for Java:

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thanks, we will use PDF->PNG->WebP


You are welcome. Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions or comments. We’re here to help.