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How to export my existing Excel file data into charts on my Intranet?

Dear all,

I’m currently using the evaluation demo for Aspose.Excel, wanted to try if it can work out for my problem. If it works, I will be glad to purchase a license.


I have an existing Excel file with a few worksheets in it. Now I need to export out all data in the worksheets and display the charts on the Intranet.

The chart values will automatically updated once I update the values on the Excel itself.


I’m not good in programming especially in .Net environment. Is there any coding samples that can aid me on these? Hope you can guide me along.

I appreicate your help deeply.

Thank you.

Do you want to export charts as images? If so, Aspose.Excel doesn't supported it.

Aspose.Excel can export out all data in the worksheets and it can also update chart in your file. But you can only get and view the updated files.

When you installed Aspose.Excel, you can see the sample code of the demos in your installed path. And you can see more code at .

Thanks for the reply. So is there any Aspose software that can do it? Aspose Chart? If so, how do I do it?

Pls advise me. Wink [;)]

You can try Aspose.Chart to create chart based on your data. I think you can use Aspose.Excel to export data from Excel files and create chart in your web pages with Aspose.Chart.

For Aspose.Chart, please check for reference. And you can post your questions at .