How to extract a complete test question containing pictures,Unable to obtain the association between the test question and the picture

I have this type of test paper document, which contains test questions. I want to extract the test questions and save them to the database, but I can’t get the association between the test questions and pictures. I want to ask how I can extract a test question, including question stems and pictures. Thank you!2019年全国统一高考物理试卷(新课标Ⅰ)-普通用卷.pdf (583.9 KB)


We are afraid that Aspose.PDF does not offer any feature to read images and their relation to the other content inside PDF. You can however extract both text and images using the API. Recognizing questions on the basis of the images would not be possible. In case you need further information or have any different requirements, please feel free to share with us.