How to Generate Mobile QR code , didn't find it in EncodeTypes

Hi Team,

We need to generate Mobile QR code , however I did not find that type in EncodeTypes. Could you please help on how to implement it ? How to add it as a MERGEBARCODE in word document.



Aspose.BarCode for .NET supports to generate different types of QR codes (e.g., simple QR code, Micro QR Code, GS1 QR Code, Swiss QR Code, etc.). Could you please share more details about mobile QR code. Also, share a sample mobile QR code image which you want to generate via the API. We will check it soon.


Please post your query in Aspose.Words forum where one of our fellow colleagues will assist you soon.

Hi amjad,

Please find the below link for example mobile qr code.

Free Online Barcode Generator: QR Code (Mobile/Smartphone) ( (1.6 KB)

I have attached the sample mobile qr code image also.(value is : This is a QR Code by TEC-IT for mobile applications)



How is it (QR Code (Mobile/Smartphone) different with conventional QR Code, please explain with details? Also, your zipped archive is either damaged or corrupted as I could not extract the barcode image from it. Could you please re-archive to .zip format and re-attach it here.

QR Codes appear to be similar, but can hold vastly different information.

please find the attached mobile Qr code. you can take from the below link as well. (1.7 KB)
link for mobile qr codes :



Thanks for providing further details.

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QR_Mobile.gif (1.6 KB)
QR_NO_Mobile.gif (1.6 KB)

You can see two QR codes, generated from the provided site, which looks differently but encodes the same information even with same internal encoding.

One difference in mask:
QR_Mobile.gif has mask 3
QR_NO_Mobile.gif has mask 7

About mask you can read in this document on page 50 “8.8.1 Mask Patterns”

But mask generation is standardized with special rules which is embedded in algorithm.

However you can manage other parameters of QR code which you can read here: