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How to get appropriate cell coordinate after converting to HTML?

I have converted the Excel File to HTML, how can I get the cell coordinate from the td_tag of the HTML file which corresponds to the Excel FIle’s cell coordinate.

Basically the user performs some actions on the converted HTML, so I need the coordinates to save the data back to the original Excel FIle.

Thanks in advance!


I am afraid, we do not support this feature but we can look into it. Could you please provide more details about your requirements. Please provide sample source Excel file and your expected resultant HTML file, etc. The expected output file should have td elements with special text/data. You will get special td elements according to specific text or set the attribute “id” of td element to get the special td.

PS. please zip the files prior attaching here.

Will send you in a couple of days, appreciate your help!


Sure, please take your time to compile the samples.