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How to Get Email from Specific Subfolders Using IMAP?

How to get email from specific subfolders using imap?
like i want to get email from Drafts folder .so how to achieve without loop to find folders

Thank you for posting the query. You can fetch email messages from a specified folder as shown below:

var messageInfos = imapClient.ListMessages("Drafts");
foreach (var messageInfo in messageInfos)
    var mailMessage = imapClient.FetchMessage(messageInfo.UniqueId);
    // ...

Documents: Working with Messages from IMAP Server
API Reference: ImapClient Class

Im doing same but Drafts folder is Subfolder of GMAIL…so cant message by passing name…what is another solution

For predefined folders, please use the ImapMailboxInfo class as shown below:

var sentFolderName = imapClient.MailboxInfo.DraftMessages.Name;
var messageInfos = imapClient.ListMessages(sentFolderName);

Documents: Working with Folders on IMAP Server
API Reference: ImapMailboxInfo Class