How to get macros names from a Word document using Java


I am using Aspose.words for
java 3.2.0 for mail merge.

My Requriment:

I have a macro for my Template Document.When i open the document the marco will be running.
Now when i try to run the same Template through Aspose the macro is not being executed.

Can any one please let me know , how can i execute a macro through Aspose.

Advance Thanks…

how to run macros using aspose.words for java

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Thanks for your inquiry. There is no way to add or run macro programmatically using Aspose.Words. Aspose.Words just preserves macros (VBA project) existing in a Word document without changes.


I found hasmacros() and removemacros() methods in Document class. Is there a way to get the macro names.

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Thanks for your request. There is no way to get macro name using Aspose.Words.


With the latest version of Aspose.Words for Java 20.5, you can read and write VBA macros. Please read the following article about working with VBA macros. .
Working with VBA Macros