How to get PowerPoint Style Images



We’re testing Aspose.Slides and at the moment we’re really satisfied with the product, but we have one problem. Among other info, we need to get info about the Style that is applied to each of the slides. Although we’ve succeeded getting images inserted into the slides, we don’t know how to get style info and images.

Thanks in advance.


Please explain what style would you like to read?

For example type of image you can get as
pres.PicturesIdea [I].ImageFormat


Yep, sorry.

I’m not referring to pictures inserted into the slide. I’m referring to the Slides Style, that is applied to all slides. Usually with powerpoint and Open Office, when you set this style, it applies a background image to all the slides and other features (font, font size…etc). We’re most of all interested in this kind of pictures. But when we extract all the slides’ images, this background image I’m referring to is not present.

Thanks in advance

PD : We’re tried to debug and inspect Slide Object. When we get the attribute Slide.Background.Image.PictureId, its value is 0. You can view what I’m referring to here


Each slide in a presentation contains FollowMasterBackground and FollowMasterObject properties.
When these properties are “true” that means you should get background or shapes from master slide.

To find master slide you can write something like this:
Slide master = pres.GetSlideById(slide.MasterId);

Now you can read “master” object to get real background and additional shapes inherited from this master slide.


I’ve tried as you’ve told me but nothing happens. Now we can difference between master and normal slides, but master slides don’t contain any picture. It’s supposed that the Object Presentation.Pictures contains any picture including the ones used by Master Slide?

As example I’ve put the ppt file that we’re using : Download PowerPoint File

Thanks in advance


Presentation.Pictures contains ALL pictures used in a presentation.
Shapes contain only index of image from Pictures collection.

But your presentation doesn’t contain any images at all.
Fireworks on master slides are not an image. It’s a grouped and filled polygons.
Just open presentation in MS PowerPoint and check it.


Yep, I’ve opened it, sorry, I thought it was an image. I suppose these polygons are available to get info about the position, colour…etc of each one, aren’t they?

In the example I’ve put, when I analyze the master slide object I can see the following elements :

6 shapes : 1 groupshape & 5 rectangles

Where are the polygons you’re talking about? Are they accesible? could I represent each one of them? I’ve not found the way to do it.

Thanks for your patience.


Shapes are grouped in the MS PowerPoint.
That means they are inside GroupShape.
You can access it as GroupShape.Shapes.