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How to get tab stops

@alexey.noskov hi sir , in word document how to check the position of tab stops of left alignment and right alignment tab stops can you please give me a clarity , i want to check left tab with 0" and right alignment with 6.5".( by clicking header we are getting tab key symbols of L and reverse T and revrese L am talking about these tab keys) how to check these tab key positions ? please provide some info about this.

@srinu12 You can use ParagraphFormat.TabStops property to get tab stops of the concrete paragraph.
Also document has a default tab stop, which cab be accessed using Document.DefaultTabStop property.

@alexey.noskov I want to know the position of tab key stops exact is it int or string how to get the position can you please provide code for one tab stop position .

@srinu12 Unfortunately, your question is not clear enough. Could you please elaborate it and provide sample document and screen shot that will show what value you would like to get.
The examples provided in the documentation shows how to work with TabStops in the document: