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How to get the most "recent" features from a shapefile?

I have a shapefile that has multiple features overlaying each other. Is there any way I can access the most recently added features? That is to say, the features that are on top?

My use case:

  1. I open a shapefile
  2. I add new features to the shapefile that overlay some features
  3. I save that new shapefile
  4. I now want to take the intersection between a different shapefile and this new shapefile, but I don’t want to get duplicate features from the original shapefile, I only want the features that are on top.

I don’t think this is possible without creating a totally new shapefile or doing some geometry work, but I thought I’d ask…


Hi, @kmochrie

New features are written to the end of the file. Therefore, more recent features have a higher serial number (layer[5] more recent than layer[3]). Note that this is right for elements from the full layer. Sequences of features obtained using the ‘WhereEqual’, ‘WhereGreater’ (and so on) have their own order.

Hope this additional information helps you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other issues or difficulty using the product.