How to Get the page wise comments using Aspose .Words while converting docx to Html

Hi Aspose support,
In our product we have functionality that converts word document to html.
We used Aspose.words (23.2.0) library.

After conversion word document to html, comments were not loaded properly(wrong display of replies to the main comment)
In Aspose word is there any classes and methods available to get the comments page wise like Aspose.Slides.ModernComment?

(left side word document -right side html document)
Issue: (237.9 KB)

Source document: Comments attached to Charts.docx (4.0 MB)

Expected result: Converted html should be the same as word document.

We are using Windows 10 Pro (64-bit operating system, x64-based processor) and .NET Framework 6.0

Please help on this.

@radha.bobbili The described behavior of Aspose.Words is expected. When render document to fixed page formats (you are using HtmlFixed as I can see) Aspose.Words mimics MS Word behavior when it converts MS Word document to PDF or XPS. Please see PDF produced by MS Word from your input document: ms.pdf (449.0 KB)
As you can see comments look the same as Aspose.Words render them in FixedHtml format.