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How to hide pivot table fields

Hi Aspose Team,

Please let us know how do we hide some of the pivot table fields (basically hide the details of some of the pivot table fields) . I did not find any api to achieve this functionality.



we are using trail version to create POC


I think you may try to use PivotField.hideItem() and PivotField.setShowAllItems() methods for your need. If you want to hide items of a pivot field, you should use these methods I mentioned. But if for a complete pivot field to make it hidden, we don’t think it can be made hidden. You can only delete it. Even in MS Excel, we don’t find any menu to make a pivot field hidden (completely).

Thank you.


Niether do we dont want to hide the items of a pivot field nor do we want to hide the complete pivot field. We want to hide details of the pivot field. This selection is available in MS Excel also (Right click on the pivot field > Group or Show Detail > Hide Detail).




Please try the fixed version, we have provided a new method for this purpose:

Thank you.