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How to insert a textbox with an absolute position in a word document using API

I want to insert a text box in a word document. But i wantto specify its position, width and length.

I have to do this with API. I could be able todo this with ms word API. But could not figure out how to do with aspose.

I could do this with a script like below with ms word ;

obj := doc.Shapes.AddTextbox(1, L, T, W, H);
obj.TextFrame.TextRange.Text := "xxxx";

obj.TextFrame.TextRange.Font.Bold := 1;
obj.TextFrame.TextRange.Font.Italic := 1;
obj.TextFrame.TextRange.Font.Underline := 1;

obj.TextFrame.TextRange.Font.Name := "Arial";
obj.TextFrame.TextRange.Font.Size :=12;

obj.TextFrame.MarginLeft :=2;
obj.TextFrame.MarginRight :=2;
obj.TextFrame.MarginTop :=0;
obj.TextFrame.MarginBottom :=0;

Please show me i it is possible with Aspose or when will it be possible?


Textbox insertion is not supported yet. We are going to implement this feature in a few months.

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thanks for interesting,

this feature is very important for me. can you give priority getting textboxes.

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We will try to implement this feature as soon as possible.

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