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How to insert graphics objects into headerfooter

Hello, I have problems to find a way to insert a graphic object(not an image) into a headerfooter. Somebody could help me for this aspose pdf .NET?


The Aspose.PDF allows you to draw graphics like rectangle, line, circle, etc. inside the PDF documents at specified coordinates. However, could you please share a sample expected output PDF so that we can share our feedback with you accordingly that how it can be created using the API.

HelloWorld_out.pdf (565.7 KB)
the header starts at second page and need some basic shape.
we are searching a good pdf library because we have to generate pdf for customer, and the header can have a logo and graphics like a line or shapes which embellish the display.


You can add images in the page header as well as draw graphics at specified location using the API. Please check below documentation article(s) which can help you achieving the purpose. In case you need further assistance, please let us know.