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How to install Aspose.Email using gradle?

I trying add dependency to gradle and after build i got some fail:
[Fatal Error] aspose-email-21.5.pom:7:3: The element type “hr” must be terminated by the matching end-tag /hr

repositories {
maven {
url “http://repository.aspose.com/repo/”

dependencies {
compile (
group: ‘com.aspose’,
name: ‘aspose-email’,
version: ‘21.5’,
classifier: ‘jdk16’)


We have verified your Gradle settings with a local test project and observed no issues. Can you please check Gradle local cache on your side?


The folder should contains “aspose-email-21.5-jdk16.jar” with size more then 10Mb.

We have checked ‘compile’ and ‘implementation’ in Gradle config and both of them are working fine on our end. Sure, you may change ‘compile’ to ‘implementation’ like this:

maven {
    url "https://repository.aspose.com/repo/" }
implementation (
        group: 'com.aspose',
        name: 'aspose-words',
        version: '21.3',
        classifier: 'jdk17')

/com.aspose/aspose-email/21.5 current directory exist but without jar


I think this is the issue and for that reason, I mentioned the following with you.