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How to know Latest version?


we have Developer OEM license and it says License version as 3.0. Can you please tell me whether it is latest version or not? If not please let us know the procedure of upgrading to latest version


License version is different from API version. Do not check the license version, you just need to check the expiry date from your license. You can use any version released before the expiry date of your license.

To upgrade to latest versions, please go to downloads module http://www.aspose.com/downloads/ and select the .NET version of your desired API from the left menu. After selection, you will see latest versions listed. Please download the latest version according to the expiry date of your license.

Best Regards,

Hi Muhammad Ijaz,
Thanks for your reply, We are not aware of the API's Version. We are using License version 3.0. How I know the API Version? we are using .Net v4.0 and above. Please let us know the version we are using is stable with .net appllication.
And also we are facing exception while setting License by using SetLicense method. We have gone through the forums and it says that the problem with the version and that resolved with version 6.7 and above.

Hence I just want to know that my License API's version is resolved with that exception or not?
And Is there are any possibilities that We can get null while setting the License.

Please Letus know.

Thanks in Advance


You can select any product from the left menu in the downloads section and it will list all versions available for that product. If you are using Aspose.Words for .NET, you can check all available versions at http://www.aspose.com/downloads/words-family/net, Aspose.Cells versions are listed at http://www.aspose.com/downloads/cells-family/net, Aspose.Slides versions are listed at http://www.aspose.com/downloads/slides-family/net, Aspose.Pdf versions are listed at http://www.aspose.com/downloads/pdf-family/net and similarly you can select any product. All versions except hotfixes are stable. If you see 'hotfix' in the name of any release, do not use it, all other versions are stable.

And also we are facing exception while setting License by using SetLicense method. We have gone through the forums and it says that the problem with the version and that resolved with version 6.7 and above.

Can you please share which Aspose product are you using and also share your license file? You can follow the instructions from http://www.aspose.com/corporate/purchase/faqs/send-license-to-aspose-staff.aspx to send your license file.

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Hi Muhammad,

As per your request, I have sent you the license file which we are using. Please let me know the
  • API Version of that file.
  • Is it latest or not
  • Is it stable or not.



I have not received the license file yet. Can you please send it again?

Best Regards,

I have sent you the license file by the email in the process you have mentioned in the communication. Please check and let me know


Your license will expire in November, 2016, so you can use this license with any version of Aspose for .NET APIs released before 17th of November.

You can download Aspose.Total for .NET from http://www.aspose.com/downloads/total-family/net. Please note that Aspose.Total for .NET is a package which includes all of Aspose for .NET APIs (Aspose.Words, Aspose.Cells, Aspose.Pdf, Aspose.Slides, Aspose.Email, Aspose.BarCode, Aspose.Tasks, Aspose.Diagram, Aspose.Imaging, Aspose.OCR, Aspose.Note and Aspose.3D).

Aspose.Total contains the latest versions of all Aspose APIs. You will see different versions of Aspose APIs in Aspose.Total package because the latest versions of individual APIs can be different from each other.

You can also download the latest version of any API from http://www.aspose.com/downloads/ if you do not want to download Aspose.Total. Your license will work with all APIs.

Please download the latest versions and test at your end, and share a sample application to reproduce the issue if you see any. Please also share your requirement in detail if you want us to share the piece of code for your requirement.

Best Regards,