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How to load embedded message

Hi all,

Happy new year

I have an eml file which has a .msg / rfc822 message as an attachment.

I am able to load the eml file and can see the attachment has IsEmbeddedMessage true. I want to load this embedded message as a new message and read the header values

Any pointers how can i load the attachment as a new MailMessage in .net?

I am not a developer by any means, just trying to put a quick and dirty proof of concept together

thanks a lot – Varun


I suggest you to please visit the following thread link for your kind reference.

Thanks Mudassir, i am not able to open the link it says Oops! That page is private.

Are you able to open the link ?


Can you please try again on your end.

Thanks Mudassir. I can read the post now.

I am using version 20.12

Here is the snippet of code in Powershell

Add-type “C:\\lib\net35\Aspose.Email.dll”
$FileToLoad = “c:\test\file1.eml”

$LoadOptions = new-object Aspose.Email.EmlLoadOptions
$LoadOptions.PreserveEmbeddedMessageFormat = $true

$objMailmsg = [Aspose.Email.MailMessage]::Load($FileToLoad, $LoadOptions)

The message is saved but cannot be opened in outlook


Can you please share the source EML file along with generated MSG file that fails to open. Please share the requested information so that I may investigate issue on my end.