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How to modify chart series linked datasource?

Hey, I am using aspose.cells workbook chart objects, how to modify the series datasource through aspose.cell API?

e.g. currently chart series[1] datasource is linked to workbook level named range: GRAPHDATA1 (which is refered to ='Sheet1'!$B$18:$E$22)

Sereis[1].getValues = "!GRAPHDATA1"

How can I modify it to "='Sheet1_newcopied'!$B$18:$E$22"

Is following way right?

first to create a new workbook level named range, such as "GRAPHDATA1_NEW", then refer it to "='Sheet1_newcopied'!$B$18:$E$22".

Then how to change Sereis[1] values to "GRAPHDATA1_NEW"? I tried to call setValues(), but an error "string array index out of boundary" thrown out always.

Please help with it, thanks.


Sorry for replying you late,

Could you create a sample JAVA program to show the issue on our end, we need to check your sample code first. Also provide your template files here, we will check your issue soon.

Thank you.


We have created a simple sample code snippet for your reference.
Please see the code segment in the attached archive with the template file.

Hope, this helps.

Thank you.