How to prevent loosing chart formatting information after using setRange


After using chart.ChartData.SetRange method, chart is generated with default setting. So how can i prevent my custom formatting not loosing after using chart.ChartData.SetRange method.
Please find attachment for chart generated by using and without using SetRange method.
Please suggest. (4.3 MB)


I have observed your requirements and like to share that this is neither limitation nor an issue with API. When you set the chart range the formatting gets lost and one need to set the chart formatting your self.

Hi Mudassir,

Thanks for quick response.

I have try to set the series color(chart formatting) after setting setRange method but still it’s generate chart with default formatting.
I have attached working sample application in which i have set series color after setting range and also attached PPT file generated with setRange and without serRange. To Run application you require to put DLL of Asplose.slide latest version.
Please suggest. (304.3 KB) (367.6 KB)


I have observed your sample code and like to share that you need to select the series again after you apply SetRange() method. Please add following lines after setting range and before calling fill formats.

series1 = chart.ChartData.Series[0];
series2 = chart.ChartData.Series[1];
series3 = chart.ChartData.Series[2];