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How to reference picture position in a slide

I need to line up images with each other on the slide. Each image is a country and they need to align so that the boundarys are adjacent. How do I reference the location. I see that the code in Aspose uses pixels … but in powerpoint image position is located in inches.

I’m not 100% sure what you mean but I recently had to work with slide pictures.

Here are a few things I found.
a normal presentation is 10" x 7.5"
the point scale used in aspose it 576 points per inch, I assume it is native to the ppt format
the pictureframe shape has two fields called ConnectionSites and ConnectionSitesRaw
those define the location of the pictureframe
ConnectionSitesRaw is unaltered by rotation
ConnectionSites define the actual location
the points defined are the midpoints of each side of the frame, not the corners

hope it helps
If I’m wrong on something I’m sure the Aspose staff will correct me

There are 576 pixels per inch, so you can multiply number of inches with 576 to get position in pixels. Further, you can also know the X, Y positions of your shapes using Aspose.Slides with Shape.X and Shape.Y properties.