How to remove extra page?

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I have a template and then replace with a table. It works, but sometimes i found there is an extra blank new page, although in my template there is no that blank one.

What cause this?

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@ibox Could you please attach your document with extra blank page? We will check the issue and provide you more information. Unfortunately, without a real document it is impossible to tell what causes a blank page.

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The extra pages are: pages 14, 19, and 29

DISP SRA (15).docx (263.3 KB)

Templatedoc.docx (73.9 KB)

@ibox There are explicit page breaks and section breaks on the mentioned pages:

You can remove them from your template and use Page Break Before option of paragraph instead.

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But, what item menu should i choose to see the page break and to remove it?

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@ibox You can enable Show all formatting marks in MS Word to see explicit page breaks:

Thank u Sir,
It works like a charm

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