How to remove Header/Footer from specific(first) page?

how can i add Header , except first page?

The content is spread over several pages, all but the first one need a header

        <Margin Left="1.5cm" Right="1.37cm" Top="1.4cm" Bottom="1.8cm"/>


You can redact (remove text, image, etc. elements from) a certain page region of PDF document using RedactionAnnotation class. Please read the following article for more detial.
Redact certain page region with Redaction Annotation

Sorry, Transformation from xml to pdf, I did not understand what I need to do in xml( There is an example somewhere?


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  • Please share the the code example (source code without compilation errors) that you are using to generate the PDF file.

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Unfortunately, Aspose.PDF does not support this feature. We have logged new feature request as PDFNET-51068 in our issue tracking system to support it. You will be notified via this forum thread once it is available. We apologize for your inconvenience.