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How to retrieve Baseline Estimated Start/Finish/Duration?


I can retrieve a Task Baseline Start/Finish/Duration fields using info on this thread:
Get Baseline Start and Finish Dates

However, I couldn’t find a way to retrieve the values of fields “Baseline Estimated Start / Baseline Estimated Finish / Baseline Estimated Duration”.

I only need to read these fields, not to write them. Can it be done with Aspose?

Hi Jay,

Baseline Start and Baseline Estimate date are same as per the following the link.


This behavior can be verified using MSP 2010 where if we change Baseline date, it changes Baseline estimated date and vice versa.

Following sample code can be used to retrieve the required values:

Project proj = new Project(path + "ProjectWithBaselineEstimates.mpp");
Task tsk = proj.RootTask.Children.GetById(1);
foreach(TaskBaseline bl in tsk.Baselines)
Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Baseline Estimated Start = {0}, Finish = {1}, Duration = {2}", bl.Start, bl.Finish, bl.Duration));

Hi Kashif,

Thanks for the information. Some web pages were hinting at the fact that there might be some differences between the fields when tasks are in Manual mode, however that doesn’t seems to be the case.

Thanks again!

You are welcome.