How to save as a .vsd format



My current requirements require me to use Aspose Diagram to save (or export) a diagram with a .VSD extension. I have not been able to find a way to do this. These are the formats I see.

public enum SaveFileFormat
VDX = 0,
VSX = 1,
VTX = 2,
TIFF = 3,
PNG = 4,
BMP = 5,
EMF = 6,
JPEG = 7,
PDF = 8,
XPS = 9,
GIF = 10,
HTML = 11,
SVG = 12,
SWF = 13,
XAML = 14,
VSDX = 15,

Any help on how to save or export to .VSD would be great. Thanks in advance.


I had same question and as far as I know this is not possible.
You already listed all available formats.

Try to search for some of my posts and you will find Aspose reply.



Thank you for the reply. Did you ever find a solution on your own? I am thinking about using the MS Office .net library to try and convert a vdx to vsd in the same code I am using Aspose Diagram. Have you ever tried that?


Hi Blake,

Thank you for contacting support. Please note, Aspose.Diagram API supports saving diagrams in the VSDX format. The VSDX format replaces the Visio binary file format (.vsd) and Visio XML Drawing file format (.vdx) in MS Visio 2013. Aspose.Diagram API does not support saving diagrams in the VSD format. We have already logged this feature request in our issue tracking system as DIAGRAM-31002. Recently, we did not have plans to support saving in VSD format. Furthermore, we have linked your post to this feature request. We’ll let you know once the significant progress has been made in this regard. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Alright. Thank you for the response.


That is an option (usage of Microsoft automation) but for me will not do the job as this requires that Office (in this case Visio) is installed on computer and I cannot ensure that with my customers.


Hi Oliver and Blake,

Thank you for posting the reply. Please note, Aspsoe.Diagram API is independent of any external software installation. We’ll notify you once the saving support of VSD format is available. It is being delayed because saving Visio diagrams in VSD (binary format) is a complex task and we have a less number of this feature requests.


any chance to make some progress with saving in VSD format?

We can read VSD documents ( but still cannot save :(.


Hi Oliver,

Thank you for the inquiry. I'm afraid that there is no news on this feature yet. We have intimated our product team to provide the recent update on it. We let you know once we have any update from them. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Hi Oliver,

Thank you for being patient. We have received a response from our product team. We’re afraid that there are no plans to add this feature support in the near future.



as we are not 3 years later (not near future) any new development on this side? I see that we can read VSD files but we cannot save them.




Thanks for reviving the thread.

We regret to share that requested VSD save format is not yet supported. However, we have recorded your concerns and will surely let you know as soon as we have some significant news on feature availability. Please spare us some time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.