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How to scale Data Label values using the DisplayUnits property similar to what Axis supports?

On the Value Axis of my chart, I can scale my values to Thousands, Millions, etc using the DisplayUnit property.

However, I notice there is no similar property for DataLabels. I also want to set the appropriate display unit to scale the data label values. I tried the same behaviour in an Excel chart, and it will automatically scale the Data Labels when I change the display unit property on the Value Axis.

Is there a way to do this for Data Labels in charts using Aspose.Cells?

My workaround right now is to manipulate the numeric formatting of the data labels to get the appropriate scaling that I need, but this is only a workaround, and not a long-term solution. So I was hoping you could provide me with a suggestion on how to fix this.


I do not think there is any other way apart from set numbers formatting to data labels. This is same as MS Excel. Do you know how to set scale for data labels in MS Excel manually? Please elaborate with sample Excel file and steps details with screenshots. We will check it soon.

I can confirm that the Data Labels for Column/Bar/Line/etc charts do respect the Value Axis Display Units setting, however, Pie/Doughnut do not, since they technically don’t have a Value Axis. All of this does match the current Excel behavior.

Is there a workaround that I can use for setting the Display Units on the Data Labels? If not, then our product team would like to request this as an feature enhacement, if possible. Is this the right forum to request enhancements? If not, then please direct me to the appropriate place where I can log this request.


Generally, Aspose.Cells works the same way as MS Excel does. Could you please share a sample code and sample file where Aspose.Cells does not follow it automatically where as creating the same chart in MS Excel respects/follows it automatically. We would love to evaluate the feature and log it if this is feasible enough and MS Excel supports this.