How to set pivot table attribute dataOnRows?

In EPPlus there is an option for setting property DataOnRows for pivot tables so datafields are placed in columns instead of rows - how do you obtain the same in Aspose.Cells for .NET?pivotTableDefinition.jpg (98.9 KB)
ColumnStacked now.jpg (144.5 KB)
ColumnStacked to be.jpg (137.4 KB)


Thanks for using Aspose APIs.

Please use the PivotTable.DataField for your needs. Please see the following sample code, its input and output Excel files as well as screenshots for a reference.

Download Link:
Input and Output Excel (17.1 KB)


Workbook wb = new Workbook("source.xlsx");

Worksheet ws = wb.Worksheets[0];

PivotTable pt = ws.PivotTables[0];

PivotField pdf = pt.DataField;

pt.AddFieldToArea(PivotFieldType.Column, pt.DataField);



Screenshot - Before

Screenshot - After

Thank you, it helped :slight_smile: I couldn’t figure out the syntax.

By the way, is it possible to create a slicer or should it be inserted on beforehand? It wasn’t neither possible in EPPlus but while evaluating your product I noticed it is able to update the slicer values automatically.


Thanks for your feedback.

You cannot create slicer using Aspose.Cells nor you can manipulate it. So, you must create it manually using Microsoft Excel beforehand.

I have not tried it yet but it is good to know that this thing works.