How To set ReadOnlyRecommended property

I am having a problem with documents built with Aspose.Words and then programmatically opened with MS Word. When MS Word opens the document, the user is first presented with a dialog box with this message
“… should be opened as read-only unless changes to it need to be saved. Open as read-only?”
I believe I can eliminate that dialog box if I set the ReadOnlyRecommended property to false, but I am having trouble coding a solution. Can you please provide an VB example?
Doug Kemp


Thanks for your inquiry. Could you please attach your documents and code here for testing? I will check the issue and provide you more information.
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Hi ,
I’ve attached the VB snippet used to generate and programmatically open the document to print with a sample output document.

Hi Douglas,
Thanks for this additional information.
Please try using the code like this:

Dim doc As New Document("ce4df784-9b61-4583-9b9b-ce62ea55d688.doc")
doc.WriteProtection.ReadOnlyRecommended = False
doc.Save("ce4df784-9b61-4583-9b9b-ce62ea55d688 out.doc")


Hi -
Your code suggestion fixed my problem. Thanks for your prompt response.