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How to set to paper space when converting DWG/DXF files to PDF?

We want to be able to convert DWG/DXF files to PDF in the space format it was saved in. Meaning, if the file was saved in model space, the PDF file should be plotted in model space and if the file was saved in paper space, the PDF should also be plotted in paper space such that is includes the additional information that is typically available in paper space for printing purposes.

For example, when converting a DXF file to PDF, one would expect the conversion to maintain the current space format (model or paper space). However, that is not the case, when converting to PDF, the Aspose.CAD API seems to always plot model space no matter what the current value of the TILEMODE variable is. Unfortunately for us, we sometimes need the drawings in paper space view.

I did try looking at the documentation, but the " Aspose.CAD.ImageOptions.CadRasterizationOptions()" object doesn’t seem to have methods or functions that can set or unset the TILEMODE variable such that plotting can be done in both model and paper space as needed.


I have observed the requirements shared by you and request you to please visit this documentation section link for available options to export DWG/DXF files to PDF or other raster formats. If you still face any issue then please provide the source files, generated output, desired output file and used working sample code. We will investigate requirements further on our end to help you.

Thank you for the response. I found a way to set the rasterization layout property here https://docs.aspose.com/display/cadnet/Converting+CAD+Drawings+to+PDF+and+Raster+Image+Formats

But looking at the layout options, other than “Model” there was nothing else. I believe this is the feature I am looking for. However, the question remains, is there such a thing as a “paper” layout or Aspose only supports the model layout.

To give you a little more background on what I am talking about, here is an autoCAD article that give an overview of paper vs model space: https://docs.aspose.com/display/cadnet/Converting+CAD+Drawings+to+PDF+and+Raster+Image+Formats

I am not even sure the DwfRasterizationOptions.Layouts property is the solution to my problem but my hope was that someone on your end may have dealt with this issue before and point me in the right direction. I would like to be able to convert vector files and maintain either layout, paper or model, depending whichever the original vector file was saved in. Am I making any sense?


I have observed the requirements shared by you and have not been able to completely understand that. Can you please share the complete requirements in the form of source files and generated output. We will be able to share further comments with you on provision of requested information.