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How to show data like my word document in Aspose grid


Here i attaced a word document . Can please check that document.

I want that type of display in grid. Is't possible to show data like that in Aspose grid.

waiting for your reply.

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I see several tables in you word document. Do you mean that you want to display all of them in a single sheet?

The grid supports displaying any number of tables in one sheet. You may try to use ImportDataView.

And you may use DataBind more than once in one sheet. Before each DataBind, please set the DataSource and DataMember for the Worksheet object, and set the correct BindStartRow and BindStartColumn properties.

One of your table looks like a pivot table. You may check the Pivot Table example in the sample project.

Thank you for considering Aspose.


iam not getting you. can you please give any code samples or explain me clearly. how can we do this type of reports. not in one excel sheet. iam not understanding poivot tables also. can you please explain me those concepts.

Thanking You


Hi Swapna,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

I have attached a sample solution to draw reports, you may consult it. In the project, I have bound a worksheet with a datasource (datatable) and apply formattings to data.

If you want to apply formattings in WYSIWYG manner for your need, you may use some of grid's right-click menu options like Format Cells...Merge etc. after binding data to worksheet.

Following are some extra notes for formattings, you may implement different formattings for your desired output programmatically through your code, Below are some of the APIs you may consider and use them for your need:

1) Formatting Borders around Cells ---> you may use BorderColor, BorderStyle, Font etc. properties of TableItemStyle class.

2). Merging Cells ----> you may use Cells.Merge() method to merge some cells to make a single cell.

3) Adjusting Column/Row width and height------> you may use Cells.SetColumnWidth() and Cells.SetRowHeight() methods.

4) Inserting Data------> you may use Cell.PutValue() method or Cell.StringValue property.


A pivot table is an interactive, crosstabulated Excel report that summarizes and analyzes data, such as database tables records, from various sources. For further ref, please check the source code with description of PivotTable demos in our featured demos:

Hopefully all this will help you for your requirements.

Thank you.