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How to subscribe to a forum

Subscribing to a forum is really helpful if you want to track what’s going on for a product. For example, you want to get email notification when a new post is posted in the forum. As the forums’ FAQ did not include this question, I would add it here.

Go to the forum you want to subscribe to, for example, At the bottom of the thread list, you can find Options button. Click it you can find more options:

Forum Options
Sort: Last Post Date Thread Author Total Ratings Total Views Total Replies in Descending Ascending order
Date Filter: Show All New since last visit Newer than 1 Day Newer than 2 Days Newer than 3 Days Newer than 1 Week Newer than 2 Weeks Newer than 1 Month Newer than 2 Months Newer than 3 Months Newer than 6 Months Newer than 1 Year
Topic Filter: Show All Hide topics I’ve read Show All Show topics I’ve participated in Show topics I’ve not participated in Show topics from Anonymous users Show topics from non-anonymous users
Send E-mail: never when new topics are posted in this forum when new posts are posted in this forum

Choose an option from Send E-mail then click Apply!, you have susbcribed to this forum.