How to Trim Paragraphs?

I am importing paragraph nodes into another document by using VisitParagraphStart function. But my problem is the original paragraph has a lot of white spaces and unwanted new line characters in beginning and at the end or paragraph, which I need to trim before importing them to new document. Can you please show me how can I trim the beginning and end of paragraphs?
Here is what I need to do:

Public Overrides Function VisitParagraphStart(ByVal paragraph As Aspose.Words.Paragraph) As Aspose.Words.VisitorAction
Dim oCommentDoc As New Document
Dim oImp As New NodeImporter(paragraph.Document, oCommentDoc, ImportFormatMode.KeepSourceFormatting)
‘Here, Before Importing the Nodes, I need to Trim Unwanted spaces.
Dim oTempPara As Paragraph = oImp.ImportNode(Paragraph, True)
Return VisitorAction.Continue
End Function

Thanks in advance,

Thanks for your request. Try to use the following code to achieve this.

public override VisitorAction VisitParagraphStart(Paragraph paragraph)
    Document doc = new Document("out_97926.doc");
    NodeImporter importer = new NodeImporter(paragraph.Document, doc, ImportFormatMode.KeepSourceFormatting);
    Paragraph par = (Paragraph)importer.ImportNode(paragraph, true);
    if (par.Runs.Count > 0)
        // remove spaces at the beginning of paragraph
        while (par.Runs[0].Text.Substring(0, 1) == " ")
            par.Runs[0].Text = par.Runs[0].Text.Remove(0, 1);
        // remove spaces at the end of paragraph
        int lastRunIndex = par.Runs.Count - 1;
        int lastRunLenth = par.Runs[lastRunIndex].Text.Length;
        while (par.Runs[lastRunIndex].Text.Substring(lastRunLenth - 1, 1) == " ")
            par.Runs[lastRunIndex].Text = par.Runs[lastRunIndex].Text.Remove(lastRunLenth - 1, 1);
    return VisitorAction.Continue;

I hope that it will help you.
Best regards.