How to update Revision Author name

I need to update Revision Author name with Another User name in Document.

Please help me how can I do this

@Vipin_Paliwal You can use Revision.Author property to change the author of the revision. For example:

Document doc = new Document(@"C:\Temp\in.docx");
foreach (Revision r in doc.Revisions)
    r.Author = "Alexey Noskov";

Thanks for Reply.

I have four documents with copy of one document and send to four persons. Now I want to create new document with four documents and show all track changes with use nameā€¦ Can you help me on this

@Vipin_Paliwal You can use Document.AppendDocument method to merge several document. Please see our documentation to learn how to merge documents. After merging, you can use the code provided above to change the author of all revisions.